Ok, First of all, my rules are simple.  Use what ever means necessary to cut costs of everything….um….Kind of like everything is probably going to be unplanned….ehehehehe.

1. Save trip meal money by bringing my own food.

2. Doggy bag half my meals at restaurants.

3. Learn to cook…and I mean COOK (ex.  hummus, apple butter, bread, new recipes/varieties)

4. Don’t buy anything that is full price.

5. Research! coupons, deals, other stores!

6. Gas….drive less, I don’t have a good income for the next 3-4 months…

7. Stop buying clothes…I work retail, my closet has doubled…or tripled in the last year lol

8. Eat cheap food…yet healthy at the same time.

9. If someone offers you food, TAKE IT HOME! I know some people will do similar challenges and go to the EXTREME and not take anything offered, but hell if you’re broke and someone offers you food you’re gonna take it and eat it later.

10. Take advantage of the school’s meal money, some of you may see this as cheating but if i dont use it i’ll lose it.

More rules may be added later (is this possible???)