Every meal…rice rice rice…lots and lots o rice.

  • Breakfast: greek yogurt, banana, rice.
  • Lunch: rice, edamame, mixed veggies, curry sauce.
  • Dinner: left over curry from last night…more rice…hot chocolate (from the dollar store across the street).  Well, I ended up eating all the curry because I read something about how long I could store this stuff in the fridge and freaked out over food poisoning (I’ve had it before, right before a race, it sucks)

This morning I woke up at 5 am to get my run in (long day awaited me).  It was extremely humid and warmer than I was expecting it to be.  (Does anyone notice that the air is more humid in the morning?)  Just as I was entering the neighborhood section, this guy comes running around the corner with a helmut on and a light attached to it.  I don’t know whether I should’ve laughed or been freaked out but it’s weird running into people running at the same awkward time of the morning as you where I live.

Since I was downtown all day for class, I decided to visit a good friend of mine and walk around the University she goes to.  Took my camera…with a massive camera bag (seriously unnecessary ).

Photostream from today