Today is Day 10 of my mini-challenge.
First off, I went home for my birthday this weekend. Ate out A LOT. Had my phone get blown up and literally brick itself because it couldn’t handle all the notifications D:

Anywho, my mom and I wen to this Japanese Restaurant (We were gonna go to this place called Loving Hut, all vegan, but they were closed). Nothing to take home and eat later because we ordered appetizers (the main dishes were expensive and there was no way I was going to fit a salad, soup, rice and the whole dinner and dessert and take it home lol)
I also durped on the recipe from yesterday, it makes up to 2.5 cups, not 4. 1 serving is 2 Tbsp not 1/4 cup. Ahaha I’m a goose sometimes.

Now here’s a real kicker…I went up to the cafeteria to get a salad (and some other things) since I really didn’t feel like cooking and I ate like a pig the past 4 days. I found out that I am possibly $200 under for the week…how is this possible? Probably because I bought a bunch of crap last week and forgot about my stash in my room of 10 boxes of rice, 10 boxes of oatmeal, spaghetti, mac n cheese, half the market place just sitting in boxes.
My next plan of action? Not to buy anything from my meal plan until Monday (I work mondays and I literally have no choice but to buy dinner there), I mean that’s pretty much one of the reasons why I am doing this.