Havn’t bought anything from the cafe, except for milk (I ran out, I cant drink coffee without it). I also started using the massive storage of food in my room.

Two nights ago, a blizzard came to town (I somehow managed to drive to my house afterwards last night), I went over my friend’s house to kill 1 of the 7 boxes of pierogies in my freezer.
Then yesterday was the long run of 2 hours, then I ended up at iHop (once again, it was offered). I probably made dinner twice this week, which I like to cook my food so that was different. Although I did end up buying coffee creamer (Shopper’s Value from Kuhns, under 3 dollars!) and then I realized that I needed to buy my graduation application…..this makes me angry because I am already 40,000+ in school loans and they want me to pay them another “small” sum just so i can graduate???? ugh…seriously? And on another note, I still can’t pick up hours at my old job 😦

Question to all those reading this:

Did/Do you have to pay a fee in order to graduate? Im curious.