So the internet shut off here…so I’m cramming 2 days worth of stuff.

Morning workout on Tuesday morning, I got pulled from it since I decided yesterday to just blast through the run lol.  Also I found out that my graduation is the same weekend as the last track meet…whelp guess I’m going to graduation…and pull $100 out of my next paycheck and sign up for the Pittsburgh marathon…or half…I don’t know!

Did you know that it was national peanut butter day?

I took yesterday’s oatmeal mixture and added 1 Tbs. of Peanut Butter.  I should’ve added 1/2 Tbs. because it wouldn’t set and I almost burnt it because it wouldn’t microwave correctly….<insert durp moment>.

I also got a ton of work done regarding school, my senior project is destroying and completely redoing this website for my dad.  I only have the layouts….100 different layouts (I’ll be here all night!)

Wednesday…was a long day. I woke up at 5:15am to run before class, forgot to make breakfast but packed a ton of stuff for lunch (peanutbutter sandwich and mac n cheese and something else).  So…ended up using mealplan money to buy breakfast.  Then took a walk around downtown to get rid of the bad mood i was in to get some serious decent coffee from a Crazy Mocha – $2.50! But it was totally worth it.

I also made smileyface pancakes…and i wish i had a working camera right about now (no pictures are lame right?) I’m still waiting for the battery to come in the mail.