Havent updated in a long time…SPRING BREAK 😀 more like another snow break lol.  Sadly this post will be text heavy(..I left my camera).

Friday, I managed to go 20 miles, and I must say I am still somewhat sore.  Clif bloks really helped and I literally chowed down right after I came into the door, I didn’t get sick.

Budget challenge..well I’ve been working at my usual retail place.  I bought a hoodie (creditcard) and a shirt (giftcard!) Both on clearance which was a plus.  But yea it’s very typical for me to buy stuff when I havnt worked in a while. >.< My boyfriend also bought/rented out a top floor of a house.  So now the budgeting shall get serious!

I also made some really crazy dinner that involved tofu, navy beans, apples, and veggies, and vinegar, and seasoning…sadly I do not know how much I put in it. I wish I remembered so I could post it!

I also tried out Nike Training App.  It is pretty intense! I tried it Sunday and Monday, monday I was so sore from my 20 mile run and Sunday’s workout that I was moving pretty slow.  But it’s ok to go slow, move at your own pace 🙂

There is also equipment you need for this app. I only have dumbells, they asked for medicine balls sometimes.  I just used a dumbell for some of them and the pushups I just didn’t bother. 

Everything is timed.  You start with a 5 minute warmup of jogging in place and highknees and other things that raise your heartrate. (I skipped this part since I just finished a run, no sense in re-raising my heartrate a million times) Then you get 2 minutes rest (that seems like a lot to me since my heartrate drops back to normal extremely quick. I may do high knees at this point in 10 second intervals or something).

Then it goes into the actual workout.  The ones I tried all had a combination of upper and lower strength building going on at the same time. Like squats with bicep curls.  There’s also a lot of leg action and I feel like I havn’t done too much upper body strength (ok maybe the pushups and planks and the crazy ivans might count as upper body lol). 

The first workout I tried was under “Get Strong”…they have you do two sets of everything.  You go through one set, take 1 minute rest, then go back through the one set, take 1 minute rest then move on to the next set.  All the timing is short for this one.  The other one I tried was under “Get Toned”. It had a longer time set for each exercise, that you only did once.  You also start out with less rest, and as you progress your breaks become closer and closer together…which is VERY much needed.

So yea, I’m still messing around with this app, I haven’t done a workout today or yesterday from it. I did yoga today instead, but I am doing one tomorrow to see what else there is.