Um…wordpress just deleted everything I typed…crapzilla

But anyways I’ve been busy with graduating from college (finals finals finals!), traveling to Philly for an award ceremony (They gave us laserpointer pens!), and running a marathon…and lets not forget I now work 40 hours of retail a week.  But I do want to start posting recipes, workouts, other fun and interesting things again.

And I shouldn’t  be complaining about the 40 hours, my boyfriend works around 60, 12 5 days a week and then sometimes Saturday.  But he sits around all day….I stand, walk around, carry loads of crap out of fitting rooms.  Honestly I sometimes wonder what their houses look like (actually…no I dont want to know).

Also I am training for my second marathon(Richmond!) in a month on top of 40 hours…lets see how this goes.

Anywho I am off to work, with my new TOMS.  Seriously, invest in a pair of these.  They are way to comfy and I am glad the mall I work at carries them now (except they didnt have my size, so I ordered them for a cheaper price surprisingly).


(sorry camera phone is crappy, I dont have my real camera on me)