WOW my hamstrings HURT.  I am not exaggerating either…as soon as i moved my legs….BAM…hammys were screaming at me: “200 squats and 2 min of wall sits? I’ll sit in bed instead!”

Me: “No no no no, we run.”


  • 20 min warmup.
  • 2.5 mile timed run (well it went a bit further than that, GPS decided not to work again)
  • 20 min cooldown

Decided to try out the new workout posted on bodyrock (i didnt know what else to do today lol).  I didnt quit understand how they set it up because they posted 4 rounds of 50/10 to equal 12 min.  Um…ok.  5 workouts posted but 6 in the video. I think I am going to do 4 rounds of the 6 exercises. (so sweaty!)

I do not own a sandbag so I came up with my own.  2 60 gallon ziplock bags filled with cat litter.  Each one weighing around 9 pounds.  Both stuffed in a pillow case, which is tied shut because I already broke on of the bags.

Here’s the workout


  • sandbag swings
  • 4xcrabshack/mountainclimbers (both together = 1 rep)
  • sandbag lift & side lunge (one lunge = 1 rep)
  • pushup & pike pushup (1 rep)
  • plank


  • round 1: 24/4/10/10/10/10
  • round 2: 35/4/11/9/9/9
  • round 3: 32/5/11/9/9/11
  • round 4: 35/9/13/13/9/14 (adrenaline rush?)

abs this is really hard, especially the one circle one, my hips pop really bad. I have an alignment problem with the legs in my hips so everything pops.  Which is why I sucked at breastroke lol.

Last night was kind of fun, I went to panera and had my usual…the veggie pesto soup with the thai salad w/o chicken. It has edamame in it, which is a good source of vegetarian protein.  Also we went into REI and I got a look at the trail shoes, the blue merrels…want.

O and here’s some kitty entertainment: