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Anyone who likes to workout outside should reconsider when they do it.  I always see a lot of people exercising outside between 11am and 5pm.  Those are normally the hottest times of the day (at least where I am at).  Exersicing in the morning around before or during or just shortly after the sun rises, as well as when the sun sets.  In the morning, you get more humidity, but the earth is cooled down after not having the sun pounding its heat on it for 8+ hours. In the evening, you usually do get cooler and less humid air (unless a storm is approaching).  But sometimes it doesnt feel cooler because the earth is still hot.  It’s like cooking food on a stove, apply heat and it gets hotter.  Remove from the heat and it still gets hotter for a short while and then cools down until heat comes back.

I also want to talk about ticks.  I live in a heavily wooded area with a ton of ticks.  I own a dog (now we own 2, but this is very recent), I own 2 cats that go outside, the third one is not allowed.  I run outside where I am at, on the road, through the woods, on trails.  Today I found a tick, but I was lucky because I caught it before it burrowed into my leg.  I have been looked around the interwebs for ways to lessen my chances for ticks.  DEET sprays and lotions is all I keep coming across.  I will try this out (especially in a tick infested area where I live and my love for running through the woods and tripping over rocks and roots).  Also warning signs of lyme disease: high fever, followed by stiff neck (I keep thinking of batman begins where batman couldnt turn his head in his suit) and rashes.  If you get a high fever following finding a tick, go to your doctor and tell dont be afraid to tell them you had a tick on you because a lot of doctors wont recognize the first symptoms of it. It can save you from a lot of missery with rashes and whatnot.

Also I want to post today’s workout.

45 min run followed by this:

I did 2 rounds, the second round kicked my butt so badly.  I never felt my heart pound so heavily, I had to close my eyes to focus on something that wasnt moving or else throw up.


  • Pullups (with chair and broom) – 40?, 30
  • Squat Jumps – 42, 42
  • Hanging Knee Raises (with chairs) -33, 38
  • Mountain climbers – 44, 54
  • Clap Pushups (modified knees) – 21, 28
  • Lunge Jumps – 20, 18
  • Bike Abs – 30, 38
  • Tricep Dips (on end table) – 42, 47
  • Forward/Backward Lunge Left – 15, 16
  • Forward/Backward Lunge Right – 15, 15
  • Oblique V-Up Left – 32, 32
  • Oblique V-Up Right – 38, 31
  • Burpees – 10, 10

Post workout….my heart was still racing for almost an hour, coffee looked unappetizing, food looked unappetizing, blueberries tasted nasty.  Overall I think the second set went better than the first, trying to keep my form through the second round was tough.



A question I have wondered myself.  Working out 2 hours a day is a lot.  Some people work out 2 hours a day and see no results, other people workout in 45 min and see greater results.  Why exercise that long?

I have gone into that rut a few times in the past, including very recently.  Long steady cardio sessions vs. shorter HIIT style sessions.

When you overexercise your body releases stress hormones.  Stress hormones make you gain weight in that “fight or flight” mode.  When you gain weight from stress it is usually in your stomach and butt/thighs.  Which is where mine is.

Before my marathon training, I managed to gain 10 pounds (just to compete in this event, I was underweight through past experiences with depression) and maintain it. When my milage went up into the 70s, that was when my weight started going up.  I decreased my intake, it somewhat stalled until 2 days post marathon when I immediately gained 10 pounds.  It started coming off when my milage was pretty low and built back up 2-3 weeks later, and then it went back up again.  This got me thinking….am I overexercising?

I have also noticed that my appetite is raging after I run, so I think this is also a culprit.

Currently I am doing hour long runs with lifting afterwards that take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  But is this doing too much?  I have also debated very recently on cutting back on running to 5 days a week.  run 3 days in a row, short cross-train/rest day, run 2 days in a row, short cross-train/rest day.

Any insight on this would be nice.