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Yesterday was a crosstraining day.

  • 15 min warmup on bike
  • 3 rounds of bodyrock FU Fat A** (30 seconds on, 10 seconds off.  Used the real time video for interval timer, 1-2min rest inbetween rounds)
  • 15 min cooldown.

Today…my butt is so sore once again, along with muscles that I didnt know existed in my butt.

Here are my scores:

  1. Cross leg pushup (not elevated as I fell off the table) – 21, 16, 20
  2. Tuck Abs – 30, 26, 28
  3. Squat & Press (20 lb. kitty litter) – 30, 20 (lost grip of my bag halfway through), 28
  4. Clean & Press (20 lb. kitty litter) – 16, 12, 12
  5. Bike Abs – 25, 21, 32
  6. Lunge Jump – 40, 35, 38 (the faster you go while keeping form the more your quads burn)
  7. Bicep Curls (10 lb. Dumbbell) – 32, 30, 32
  8. V-Abs Left – 26, 36, 32
  9. V-Abs Right – 24, 31, 32
  10. Tricep Dips – 40, 40, 43
  11. Mountain Climbers – 36, 43, ?
  12. Pushup Burpees – 4, 7, 6
  13. Squat & Press (20 lb. Kitty litter) – 26, 26, 30 (tougher to complete these)
  14. Overhead Abs – 9, 9, 12
  15. Jump Lunges – 28, 31, 32 (again, tougher to complete at this point in the round)
  16. Frog Jump Forward & Backward – 10, 10, 9 (let me clarify that 2 jumps, 1 forward and 1 backward = 1 rep, I’ve been seeing 1 jump = 1 rep but that is not what the move is)

Today’s run was…well…sore butt. It’s a rarity to see a group of runners in my area, so that was encouraging. Decided to run through some trails, didnt realize how DARK the woods were when I went down there haha. Post run was NTC core cruncher (this app is free to download! so DOWNLOAD IT!) with a 5 lb dumbbell…the second round was close to impossible to complete since I was like…”holy crap i need a break”.

And Today’s plan for dinner will be a salad….with…Spinach, Yellow Zucchini, Cucumbers, Radish, Red Pepper, Black pepper, Vinegar and Olive Oil Dressing, Steamed Tofu, Pinto Beans.

Breakfast Today was Egg whites, eggs, chopped cauliflower, chopped radish,  ketchup (i need to stop with the ketchup), coffee with soy milk, english muffin with apple butter.  Pre-run breakfast consisted of a slice of bread and some peanuts…and a bit of coffee (ok I was so drained from working yesterday).

Also last 9 hour shift for at least the next 2 weeks….HUZZAH! Maybe I’ll be a normal human being again in a week.


Or with a fartlick!

  • 20 min warm up.
  • 1 min hard, 1 min medium x10
  • 20 min cooldown

A little slow for me considering my 9+ hour shifts on my feet the past 4 days (including my 11 hour 4am shift). Plus I JUST woke up, your body is not ready to do hard stuff upon waking up.  For best results you need to be awake for 3-4 hours (for most cases).


  • mountain climbers
  • side planklifts with elbow to knee (weak shoulders = hard)
  • prisoner get ups (these were harder then they looked)
  • v-up hug your knees

50 : 10 seconds intervals, 3 times

Yesterday: run plus abs:

  • stability ball crunch
  • pike ups on ball
  • side woodchops……um…i dont remember the rest.

Ok so the beer candles…was something I ran across a few years ago at the mall during one of those weekends where theres a large amount of vendors all over the mall.  This lady came up with a way to make candles look and smell like beer, coca cola, coffee, hot chocolate, margarita, and lots of other drinks.  I dont know if they have a website, so I wont post one. And my camera is out of commission, so no photos unfortunately 😦


4:45 am rolls around and my alarm goes off. I get out of bed…nooooo do I do a long run? or should I wait til friday? Tomorrow I have to be at work at 4am. A long run after a day like that is torture.

So long run it is.  My hammies were still a tad sore, but not as bad as yesterday.  In fact no where as close.  Clocked in 10.5 miles in 90 min.  Pretty slow for me, but considering the past 2 days were hard workouts and trying new crazy weight bearing exercises what else was I going to expect?

I decided to just to ZWOW #14. With 5 lbs weights, I was going to do 10 lbs but those who know that long runs can zap you know that doing any sort of lifting afterwards is brutal.  The lunge jumps killed me as well as the burpees. I ended up doing pushup burpees because of the amount of space I had. And now I realized I did the back curl lunge wrong…woops. Next time I’ll just do it the correct way haha. My time: 15:18

Yesterday: New BodyRock post, almost puked the last round. Then went and did the Challenger from NTC…bad idea.  I didnt realize how weak my upper body got…especially the shoulders (i’ve been avoiding doing shoulder lifting haha).  And I thought it was 3 rounds…not 4…yick.


1) 40, 40, 38 (one rep per side? if not then 20, 20 18…ouch)
2) 5, 6, 4.5
3) 36, 44, 30 (no bar so squat woodchops with my kitty litter bag meow)
4) 8, 8, 9

Today:  run at 8 min/mile pace(ok compared to last week….wow).  ZWOW #15 with 10 lb. dumbells. My time: 21:30.  I had to modify the 180° Burpees to not jump over something after the second round because I wasnt landing right.  They were still tough, after 7 in a row it was hard but you just gotta push.

WOW my hamstrings HURT.  I am not exaggerating either…as soon as i moved my legs….BAM…hammys were screaming at me: “200 squats and 2 min of wall sits? I’ll sit in bed instead!”

Me: “No no no no, we run.”


  • 20 min warmup.
  • 2.5 mile timed run (well it went a bit further than that, GPS decided not to work again)
  • 20 min cooldown

Decided to try out the new workout posted on bodyrock (i didnt know what else to do today lol).  I didnt quit understand how they set it up because they posted 4 rounds of 50/10 to equal 12 min.  Um…ok.  5 workouts posted but 6 in the video. I think I am going to do 4 rounds of the 6 exercises. (so sweaty!)

I do not own a sandbag so I came up with my own.  2 60 gallon ziplock bags filled with cat litter.  Each one weighing around 9 pounds.  Both stuffed in a pillow case, which is tied shut because I already broke on of the bags.

Here’s the workout


  • sandbag swings
  • 4xcrabshack/mountainclimbers (both together = 1 rep)
  • sandbag lift & side lunge (one lunge = 1 rep)
  • pushup & pike pushup (1 rep)
  • plank


  • round 1: 24/4/10/10/10/10
  • round 2: 35/4/11/9/9/9
  • round 3: 32/5/11/9/9/11
  • round 4: 35/9/13/13/9/14 (adrenaline rush?)

abs this is really hard, especially the one circle one, my hips pop really bad. I have an alignment problem with the legs in my hips so everything pops.  Which is why I sucked at breastroke lol.

Last night was kind of fun, I went to panera and had my usual…the veggie pesto soup with the thai salad w/o chicken. It has edamame in it, which is a good source of vegetarian protein.  Also we went into REI and I got a look at the trail shoes, the blue merrels…want.

O and here’s some kitty entertainment:

Work out this morning was hot and humid (ok not that hot but it was pretty damn humid) and I was exhausted.  I worked 9 hours (i am on my feet all day at work) yesterday from 8am til 5pm.  Today I dont work (yay! rest!) and I decided since im not working to do a hard workout followed by something new from BodyRock.

Here’s my workout:

Ladder Set workout:

Begin with 15-20 min warmup run.  Followed by dynamic stretching (leg swings) and sprinting drills (high knees, butt kicks, A and B skips, karaokes, cross over high knees, ect).

  • 1 min hard : 1 min moderate pace
  • 2 min hard : 2 min moderate pace
  • 3 min hard : 3 min moderate pace
  • 3 min hard : 3 min moderate pace
  • 2 min hard : 2 min moderate pace
  • 1 min hard : check heart rate

begin 15-25 min cooldown when heart rate goes down to your normal run levels.

During this workout my watch decided it wasnt going to catch a signal (again!?).  But that was a good thing because I wasnt concentrating on how far I ran during my hard intervals but how hard I pushed myself.  During the hard intervals I would chant “push” during my exhales, I used to do similar stuff like this before and I find that it helps motivate.  Because after I logged my run into, I was expecting to see the normal 7:30 mile/min for the total ladder set run but instead saw a 7:00 mile/min for the total ladder set run.

So my advice to those who train by themselves, if you are able to when you exhale on a hard run, tell yourself something that will motivate you to push yourself harder.  It’s the same as when the coaches tell you to push yourself on the sidelines.  When you hear it and say it it is more powerful.

Now here’s the 600 rep challenge (its actually 550, but I decided to do more reps on the ones that said 25 each):

I completed it in 35 min, including the breaks i took to figure out how to do the next workout and the extra reps I did.

Also here is the website below.  I am not sure how I feel about their new stuff yet.  I used to go on it back during my track and xc days and wished I could do them (I didnt want to risk an injury).  I am not sure what route they are taking right now, it is very….idk conflicting messages. BodyRock website

Have an awesome monday 🙂 and tell yourself you can do it, even on days you are too tired to do a scheduled hard workout, just do it you will be surprised.

So this morning, 10 mile run, froze my butt off and got blasted by the wind.

Afterwards, drove down to the hospital to get a mole removed…..

…..on my breast.  Not the most pleasant experience but it went surprisingly smooth.  I didn’t even know the dermatologist removed it. It was 1cm and she pretty much cut out more than half an inch I believe (dont know, the sealed wound is close to an inch).  The doctor stitched it up real nice(it looks like a pretty damn good Frankenstein if you ask me lol). If it weren’t for my high tolerance of pain I would probably be crying right now because of how badly this thing is now throbbing and how BADLY i want pain killers and dont have any.

And I learned a fun fact while getting my stitches: One stitch costs about $10 (they do not want to waste their stitches!).  So yea I may have 5 stitches on the outside, but who knows how many stitches I have on the inside…thank goodness for insurance 🙂

I asked her about running, she told me to not run today. But after today when i do, to make sure I apply some bandaids and wear a well supported sports bra…..well supported sports bra….I don’t even know what well supported sports bra feels like I think.  The closes I think I have gotten were the ones by Nike that compressed everything to your chest.

And I swear they increased their sizes because I had to buy an extra small and I usually get a small in these…and no my chest did not shrink.  These bras tend to restrict my breathing when I first get them. (As far as budgeting myself goes….yea this splurge on bra and the capris I randomly bought pretty much killed my last paycheck)

Honestly I didn’t feel any pain until 6 hours after I left…yick.  Anyone else have similar experiences and would like to share?

Sat-your-day = rest day for my body (especially my legs!)

Yesterday I hit my 22 mile mark….the wind was horrible and the last 4 miles were extremely rough.  But here’s a trick I kind of learned to make sure I was not pushing myself to hard on my long runs:  Say “Hello” “Good Morning/Evening” or something to passerbys’.

Yes I took taht in a bathroom, they seem to have the best lighting…all the time (most of the time). And I had shorts on in 30 degree weather, anyone else wear shorts at 30 degrees or lower?

I also have noticed that I gained some weight during my training.  I have done some research and it turns out that gaining weight from marathon training is VERY COMMON so there’s no real need to panic.

Reasons why?

You may be an untrained/novice runner and your body is not used to this type of running (possibly? I never ran anything over 15 miles before)

Your body is holding on to carbs/glucose to use for it’s next big run (this is also a possibility, but at the same time it’s usually novice runners).

You are eating more than you think you are burning…this is probably my answer…after eating a whole jar of peanut butter in one week and several cookies and poptarts…my bad nutritional choices are starting to catch up on me.

Or it could be that I decided to make a smoothie…I am not a big smoothie person.  But when I am actually in the mood for one I MUST MAKE ONE.

Banana Strawberry Smoothie
  • 1/4 cup Greek Yogurt (Fage preferably)
  • 1/2 small Banana, sliced up
  • 1/2 cup of Strawberries (preferably frozen, if not frozen throw in some icecubes.)
  • 1 cup of almond or soy milk. (or was it half of a cup…i do not remember the amount haha)
  1. Add everything and blend!
  2. Drink and Enjoy 🙂

I also learned how to crochet a ton of stuff over break….A this hat:

Maybe I should quit school and crochet hats and sell them on etsy or something….lmfao.

And it’s that time of the year when my house is being invaded by ladybugs…mmm whats up there lady bug, you landed in my eggs this morning 😦

18.5 miles today (in before wind storm).  I don’t really have too much going on, just midterms taking over my whole life at the moment.  So I have decided to take a stab at reviewing these tasty gummies.

I tried out these Clif Block Shots.  I have also test tested other gels like the Strawberry-Banana Powerbar.  Way to sweet for me.  Plus I cant run with a bottled water.  The way I let my hands “hang” like they’re holding potato chips wont hold a bottle water.  I’ve dropped my ipod so many times because I don’t like to grip things running.  I find that it makes my arms stiff and I exert too much energy that I could use in my legs.

This is what I tried, Black Cherry Flavored.

After the first 6 miles I popped one in and tried to chew it.  It was kind of too big.  Small people have small mouths lol.  At 6.5 miles I popped another one in and chewed part of it and almost choked, so I decided to just stick it in my cheek and see if it dissolves in my mouth.  That worked.  At mile 12 I popped one more in my mouth, stuck it in my cheek and let it dissolve.  Mile 15 I popped my last one in and let that dissolve.  I’m pretty sure you don’t HAVE to chew these. I chew gum when I run, but this does not have the same consistency as gum and I ended up drooling a bit trying it the second time and pretending it was gum.  I also loved the fact that it had 2 servings of 100 calories and that I could space out my consumption.  Also holding it was real nice, its lightweight and like a stick.  I am pretty sure i can stuff a few in my sports bra haha.  Getting them open was a pain, I had to use my teeth (yeowch).

How I felt during the run, like I can conquer the world.  One block has 33 calories and a little kick of caffeine.

After the run I did some stretches for the hamstrings and the hip flexors (I have a history of tendonitis in the IT band).  I also rolled my foot out with a frozen piece of Jimmy Deans Sausage (I recommend this over a frozen water bottle) as I also have Planters Faciitis.  I got that in October and got it under control and it’s been acting up since I got tripped at my last race.  I also did a 20 minute session of runners yoga from *ahem*theyhavefreestuff*ahem*

I also got extremely nauseated after I ate (1 1/2 hours after I completed my run).  I am pretty sure that waiting 90 minutes to eat after a run like that was a dumb idea (after doing some googling).  It really didnt hit me until 4 pm.  I was half passed out for 2 hours.  Finally ate dinner, which wasn’t much.  Got hungry after 2 hours so ate a little bit more (my watch said I burned 1700 calories…like I don’t think I will be able to make that up in one day lol).  Half hour later I was doubled over with my face in the toilet.  Needless to say the nausea went away for the most part.

I don’t know if it was the shot bloks, or if it was waiting that long before eating (I do this a lot because of scheduling), or if it was from the fact that I kinda went fast (but I felt fine and I was on a flat surface so I assumed my faster pace was a result), or it could be that my blood pressure was extremely low (I have had problems with this in the past).

Question to all those who read my posts or stumble upon it:  Have you ever gotten sick from your long runs?  Have you found a cure to this?  I am open to any suggestions.

Seriously…it snowed last weekend and that was it for this month…so far, there’s still 10 days left!

Did my long run, and I will be thankful for painkillers and Dr. Scholl’s inserts for Planters Faciitis.  I got it back in October (due to the running schedule of high milage one week, low milage next week, high milage week followed by low milage week, ect.  Usually it’s 3 weeks increase milage and 1 week back off).  I’m pretty sure I have it back in my left foot, and now in my right (I am a dummy who tied their shoes on too tight.  Anyways, I guess when your watch reads 8min/mile for your long run instead of the usual 8:40 I guess that says something haha.

Recap on my budget challenge again…I used my credit card yesterday, but only for gas.  I planned on using whatever I had in my bank for gas anyways since I have cash floating around left and right, it’s an awesome day when you do laundry and a 10 dollar bill falls out of your pocket.

I also snagged a huge fruit tray for free on Thursday.  My friend and I went to see this guy from Business Week talk about how they design their magazines (British people, love your accent, hate trying to pick up on what you are saying).  I guess looking like a starving college student made 3 people walk up to us and ask us to take the trays since it was going to go to waste…um….SCORE!!! There’s a ton of grapes and I really want to try making raisins from my dad’s dehydrator and make english muffins (they’re so expensive to buy!)

I don’t have any recipes this time around…that deal with pancakes or breakfast foods…but…

Enjoy your day with the biggest peep in the world (and sugar rush jk).  I like to put marshmallows in my coffee for some reason.


I feel like I need to update before the weekend…not too much has happened except for dread on what the next week will bring me. (and no I am not talking about Valentine’s day)

I am talking about being a student athlete.

Some of you may be aware that I compete for Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor track.  Many of you may not know that our schedules for competition are “lighter” than in highschool.  We compete on the weekends.  Cross country is usually half a day or overnight.  Track is either all day or 3 days (this includes the travel time).

What I am getting at is this:  it’s very frustrating to balance homework, life, track, getting money (as in a job haha), working on my future career after I graduate.  I am working towards a BA in Graphic and Web design, I need my computer to do my work not a book to dig my nose into and memorize words that I will possible forget in a year.  I am also not the only one on my team with this double BA major, the other girl also feels the same way.

What other people don’t realize is that we are creative people who have creative projects.  It takes time and effort and dedication to put good work out there.  I have seen kids in my class that half-assed their work just to satisfy a professor.


Seriously sometimes I wonder if my mind is constantly on some sort of high (runners high!!!)

Back to my challenges:

Smiling seems to have helped in many ways.  Like when a printer randomly decides it doesnt want to print because it thinks it has no paper….force a smile, stare at a wall, and instantly you wont feel like throwing the printer out a window.

As far as budgeting….well my recent paycheck from work study was less than I thought I was going to get. I was going to use that money to sign up for a marathon (well I still am, the deadline for cheap registration ends the 15th). So I can’t use my credit card for a month.  So here’s to 30 days of not using a credit card…starting…now.