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Anyone who likes to workout outside should reconsider when they do it.  I always see a lot of people exercising outside between 11am and 5pm.  Those are normally the hottest times of the day (at least where I am at).  Exersicing in the morning around before or during or just shortly after the sun rises, as well as when the sun sets.  In the morning, you get more humidity, but the earth is cooled down after not having the sun pounding its heat on it for 8+ hours. In the evening, you usually do get cooler and less humid air (unless a storm is approaching).  But sometimes it doesnt feel cooler because the earth is still hot.  It’s like cooking food on a stove, apply heat and it gets hotter.  Remove from the heat and it still gets hotter for a short while and then cools down until heat comes back.

I also want to talk about ticks.  I live in a heavily wooded area with a ton of ticks.  I own a dog (now we own 2, but this is very recent), I own 2 cats that go outside, the third one is not allowed.  I run outside where I am at, on the road, through the woods, on trails.  Today I found a tick, but I was lucky because I caught it before it burrowed into my leg.  I have been looked around the interwebs for ways to lessen my chances for ticks.  DEET sprays and lotions is all I keep coming across.  I will try this out (especially in a tick infested area where I live and my love for running through the woods and tripping over rocks and roots).  Also warning signs of lyme disease: high fever, followed by stiff neck (I keep thinking of batman begins where batman couldnt turn his head in his suit) and rashes.  If you get a high fever following finding a tick, go to your doctor and tell dont be afraid to tell them you had a tick on you because a lot of doctors wont recognize the first symptoms of it. It can save you from a lot of missery with rashes and whatnot.

Also I want to post today’s workout.

45 min run followed by this:

I did 2 rounds, the second round kicked my butt so badly.  I never felt my heart pound so heavily, I had to close my eyes to focus on something that wasnt moving or else throw up.


  • Pullups (with chair and broom) – 40?, 30
  • Squat Jumps – 42, 42
  • Hanging Knee Raises (with chairs) -33, 38
  • Mountain climbers – 44, 54
  • Clap Pushups (modified knees) – 21, 28
  • Lunge Jumps – 20, 18
  • Bike Abs – 30, 38
  • Tricep Dips (on end table) – 42, 47
  • Forward/Backward Lunge Left – 15, 16
  • Forward/Backward Lunge Right – 15, 15
  • Oblique V-Up Left – 32, 32
  • Oblique V-Up Right – 38, 31
  • Burpees – 10, 10

Post workout….my heart was still racing for almost an hour, coffee looked unappetizing, food looked unappetizing, blueberries tasted nasty.  Overall I think the second set went better than the first, trying to keep my form through the second round was tough.



A question I have wondered myself.  Working out 2 hours a day is a lot.  Some people work out 2 hours a day and see no results, other people workout in 45 min and see greater results.  Why exercise that long?

I have gone into that rut a few times in the past, including very recently.  Long steady cardio sessions vs. shorter HIIT style sessions.

When you overexercise your body releases stress hormones.  Stress hormones make you gain weight in that “fight or flight” mode.  When you gain weight from stress it is usually in your stomach and butt/thighs.  Which is where mine is.

Before my marathon training, I managed to gain 10 pounds (just to compete in this event, I was underweight through past experiences with depression) and maintain it. When my milage went up into the 70s, that was when my weight started going up.  I decreased my intake, it somewhat stalled until 2 days post marathon when I immediately gained 10 pounds.  It started coming off when my milage was pretty low and built back up 2-3 weeks later, and then it went back up again.  This got me thinking….am I overexercising?

I have also noticed that my appetite is raging after I run, so I think this is also a culprit.

Currently I am doing hour long runs with lifting afterwards that take anywhere from 15-30 minutes.  But is this doing too much?  I have also debated very recently on cutting back on running to 5 days a week.  run 3 days in a row, short cross-train/rest day, run 2 days in a row, short cross-train/rest day.

Any insight on this would be nice.

Um…wordpress just deleted everything I typed…crapzilla

But anyways I’ve been busy with graduating from college (finals finals finals!), traveling to Philly for an award ceremony (They gave us laserpointer pens!), and running a marathon…and lets not forget I now work 40 hours of retail a week.  But I do want to start posting recipes, workouts, other fun and interesting things again.

And I shouldn’t  be complaining about the 40 hours, my boyfriend works around 60, 12 5 days a week and then sometimes Saturday.  But he sits around all day….I stand, walk around, carry loads of crap out of fitting rooms.  Honestly I sometimes wonder what their houses look like (actually…no I dont want to know).

Also I am training for my second marathon(Richmond!) in a month on top of 40 hours…lets see how this goes.

Anywho I am off to work, with my new TOMS.  Seriously, invest in a pair of these.  They are way to comfy and I am glad the mall I work at carries them now (except they didnt have my size, so I ordered them for a cheaper price surprisingly).


(sorry camera phone is crappy, I dont have my real camera on me)

Havent updated in a long time…SPRING BREAK 😀 more like another snow break lol.  Sadly this post will be text heavy(..I left my camera).

Friday, I managed to go 20 miles, and I must say I am still somewhat sore.  Clif bloks really helped and I literally chowed down right after I came into the door, I didn’t get sick.

Budget challenge..well I’ve been working at my usual retail place.  I bought a hoodie (creditcard) and a shirt (giftcard!) Both on clearance which was a plus.  But yea it’s very typical for me to buy stuff when I havnt worked in a while. >.< My boyfriend also bought/rented out a top floor of a house.  So now the budgeting shall get serious!

I also made some really crazy dinner that involved tofu, navy beans, apples, and veggies, and vinegar, and seasoning…sadly I do not know how much I put in it. I wish I remembered so I could post it!

I also tried out Nike Training App.  It is pretty intense! I tried it Sunday and Monday, monday I was so sore from my 20 mile run and Sunday’s workout that I was moving pretty slow.  But it’s ok to go slow, move at your own pace 🙂

There is also equipment you need for this app. I only have dumbells, they asked for medicine balls sometimes.  I just used a dumbell for some of them and the pushups I just didn’t bother. 

Everything is timed.  You start with a 5 minute warmup of jogging in place and highknees and other things that raise your heartrate. (I skipped this part since I just finished a run, no sense in re-raising my heartrate a million times) Then you get 2 minutes rest (that seems like a lot to me since my heartrate drops back to normal extremely quick. I may do high knees at this point in 10 second intervals or something).

Then it goes into the actual workout.  The ones I tried all had a combination of upper and lower strength building going on at the same time. Like squats with bicep curls.  There’s also a lot of leg action and I feel like I havn’t done too much upper body strength (ok maybe the pushups and planks and the crazy ivans might count as upper body lol). 

The first workout I tried was under “Get Strong”…they have you do two sets of everything.  You go through one set, take 1 minute rest, then go back through the one set, take 1 minute rest then move on to the next set.  All the timing is short for this one.  The other one I tried was under “Get Toned”. It had a longer time set for each exercise, that you only did once.  You also start out with less rest, and as you progress your breaks become closer and closer together…which is VERY much needed.

So yea, I’m still messing around with this app, I haven’t done a workout today or yesterday from it. I did yoga today instead, but I am doing one tomorrow to see what else there is.

First: Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t have anyone special to celebrate this day with, love yourself and pamper yourself today 😀

So my last indoor track meet ever….yea.  Let me start off by saying that I was in the lead pack for the first 5-6 laps (I don’t recall what lap this happened on).  I got my back foot stepped on (this is common) and my leading leg kicked and next thing i knew i was on the ground on my back with one of my teammate’s spike almost going into my face.  Did I get up and finish? You bet I did!  I feel like I have bad season ending meets, I had 2 important family members pass away right before 2 of them, I threw up before last years indoor race, got food poisoning right before a back-to-back 10k and 5k, I had an injury with planters faciitis,  and I’m not going to go into the one I wasn’t allowed to go to.

Photos from the weekend 

Anywho, I signed up for the marathon yesterday…but yea I know you want pancakes? (I didn’t bring my camera with me!)

Peanut Butter Pancakes:


  • 1/4 cup of fluffy pancake mix (I have the add water only one)
  • 1/2 mashed Banana
  • 1 chopped Strawberry
  • 1Tbs of Peanut Butter (I would use creamy, I had crunchy)
  • Vanilla Extract
  • 1tsp Brown Sugar


  1. Prepare pancake mix with correct water:mix ratio
  2. Cut up banana into slices and add into mix, mix them together (the banana will mash when you mix)
  3. Add 1 tsp of Brown sugar and a small bit of Vanilla Extract
  4. Add 1-2 tsp of water at a time so the mix isn’t super thick
  5. Pour pancake into pan and drop the strawberries on top.
  6. Cook according to pancake mix directions. (make sure you get both sides at least once)
  7. Spread peanut butter on top when almost finished and let it melt
  8. Remove from pan, cool down, enjoy!


I am curious…What do you like on your pancakes?

So the internet shut off here…so I’m cramming 2 days worth of stuff.

Morning workout on Tuesday morning, I got pulled from it since I decided yesterday to just blast through the run lol.  Also I found out that my graduation is the same weekend as the last track meet…whelp guess I’m going to graduation…and pull $100 out of my next paycheck and sign up for the Pittsburgh marathon…or half…I don’t know!

Did you know that it was national peanut butter day?

I took yesterday’s oatmeal mixture and added 1 Tbs. of Peanut Butter.  I should’ve added 1/2 Tbs. because it wouldn’t set and I almost burnt it because it wouldn’t microwave correctly….<insert durp moment>.

I also got a ton of work done regarding school, my senior project is destroying and completely redoing this website for my dad.  I only have the layouts….100 different layouts (I’ll be here all night!)

Wednesday…was a long day. I woke up at 5:15am to run before class, forgot to make breakfast but packed a ton of stuff for lunch (peanutbutter sandwich and mac n cheese and something else).  So…ended up using mealplan money to buy breakfast.  Then took a walk around downtown to get rid of the bad mood i was in to get some serious decent coffee from a Crazy Mocha – $2.50! But it was totally worth it.

I also made smileyface pancakes…and i wish i had a working camera right about now (no pictures are lame right?) I’m still waiting for the battery to come in the mail.


Every meal…rice rice rice…lots and lots o rice.

  • Breakfast: greek yogurt, banana, rice.
  • Lunch: rice, edamame, mixed veggies, curry sauce.
  • Dinner: left over curry from last night…more rice…hot chocolate (from the dollar store across the street).  Well, I ended up eating all the curry because I read something about how long I could store this stuff in the fridge and freaked out over food poisoning (I’ve had it before, right before a race, it sucks)

This morning I woke up at 5 am to get my run in (long day awaited me).  It was extremely humid and warmer than I was expecting it to be.  (Does anyone notice that the air is more humid in the morning?)  Just as I was entering the neighborhood section, this guy comes running around the corner with a helmut on and a light attached to it.  I don’t know whether I should’ve laughed or been freaked out but it’s weird running into people running at the same awkward time of the morning as you where I live.

Since I was downtown all day for class, I decided to visit a good friend of mine and walk around the University she goes to.  Took my camera…with a massive camera bag (seriously unnecessary ).

Photostream from today