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Or with a fartlick!

  • 20 min warm up.
  • 1 min hard, 1 min medium x10
  • 20 min cooldown

A little slow for me considering my 9+ hour shifts on my feet the past 4 days (including my 11 hour 4am shift). Plus I JUST woke up, your body is not ready to do hard stuff upon waking up.  For best results you need to be awake for 3-4 hours (for most cases).


  • mountain climbers
  • side planklifts with elbow to knee (weak shoulders = hard)
  • prisoner get ups (these were harder then they looked)
  • v-up hug your knees

50 : 10 seconds intervals, 3 times

Yesterday: run plus abs:

  • stability ball crunch
  • pike ups on ball
  • side woodchops……um…i dont remember the rest.

Ok so the beer candles…was something I ran across a few years ago at the mall during one of those weekends where theres a large amount of vendors all over the mall.  This lady came up with a way to make candles look and smell like beer, coca cola, coffee, hot chocolate, margarita, and lots of other drinks.  I dont know if they have a website, so I wont post one. And my camera is out of commission, so no photos unfortunately 😦