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  • Run
  • ZWOW #16 took me 21 minutes to complete.


  • Warmup run
  • 6 min x3 hard with 4 min rest
  • Cooldown run
  • ZWOW #18 took me 31 minutes….holy cow those planks were like murder.


  • Run
  • Followed by Burpee Challenge
  • Followed by 365 Rep workout from Bodyrock. (30 min) The first exercise BURNED

So the Burpee challenge….this happened on a website called (I will post something about that later).  I saw someone post “1 like = 1 min of cardio/pushup”.  I decided Burpees, I wasnt expecting too many likes as I NEVER get any more than 10 so I was assuming 30….I got 80. This intimidated me a bit but I found a way to work them out somehow.

Did 2 rounds in 10:40

  • Single leg burpee 5 reps each leg
  • Side burpee 5 reps each side
  • Star Burpee 10 times
  • Weighted Burpee 10 times

Also it has been extremely humid the past few days. Drinking LOTS of water because its crazy.  I have also noticed that when I am thirsty I crave carbs…this got me thinking…carbs hold onto water, some people mistake thirst for hunger and from what I notice will probably grab some high carb snack.  Drink water and the carb craving goes away.  Im just curious as to anyone who is reading this…do you notice this?