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  • Run
  • ZWOW #16 took me 21 minutes to complete.


  • Warmup run
  • 6 min x3 hard with 4 min rest
  • Cooldown run
  • ZWOW #18 took me 31 minutes….holy cow those planks were like murder.


  • Run
  • Followed by Burpee Challenge
  • Followed by 365 Rep workout from Bodyrock. (30 min) The first exercise BURNED

So the Burpee challenge….this happened on a website called (I will post something about that later).  I saw someone post “1 like = 1 min of cardio/pushup”.  I decided Burpees, I wasnt expecting too many likes as I NEVER get any more than 10 so I was assuming 30….I got 80. This intimidated me a bit but I found a way to work them out somehow.

Did 2 rounds in 10:40

  • Single leg burpee 5 reps each leg
  • Side burpee 5 reps each side
  • Star Burpee 10 times
  • Weighted Burpee 10 times

Also it has been extremely humid the past few days. Drinking LOTS of water because its crazy.  I have also noticed that when I am thirsty I crave carbs…this got me thinking…carbs hold onto water, some people mistake thirst for hunger and from what I notice will probably grab some high carb snack.  Drink water and the carb craving goes away.  Im just curious as to anyone who is reading this…do you notice this?


4:45 am rolls around and my alarm goes off. I get out of bed…nooooo do I do a long run? or should I wait til friday? Tomorrow I have to be at work at 4am. A long run after a day like that is torture.

So long run it is.  My hammies were still a tad sore, but not as bad as yesterday.  In fact no where as close.  Clocked in 10.5 miles in 90 min.  Pretty slow for me, but considering the past 2 days were hard workouts and trying new crazy weight bearing exercises what else was I going to expect?

I decided to just to ZWOW #14. With 5 lbs weights, I was going to do 10 lbs but those who know that long runs can zap you know that doing any sort of lifting afterwards is brutal.  The lunge jumps killed me as well as the burpees. I ended up doing pushup burpees because of the amount of space I had. And now I realized I did the back curl lunge wrong…woops. Next time I’ll just do it the correct way haha. My time: 15:18

Yesterday: New BodyRock post, almost puked the last round. Then went and did the Challenger from NTC…bad idea.  I didnt realize how weak my upper body got…especially the shoulders (i’ve been avoiding doing shoulder lifting haha).  And I thought it was 3 rounds…not 4…yick.


1) 40, 40, 38 (one rep per side? if not then 20, 20 18…ouch)
2) 5, 6, 4.5
3) 36, 44, 30 (no bar so squat woodchops with my kitty litter bag meow)
4) 8, 8, 9

Today:  run at 8 min/mile pace(ok compared to last week….wow).  ZWOW #15 with 10 lb. dumbells. My time: 21:30.  I had to modify the 180° Burpees to not jump over something after the second round because I wasnt landing right.  They were still tough, after 7 in a row it was hard but you just gotta push.